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Patriot? Meh.

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So there’s this lunatic (my apologies to lunatics) out in Pennsylvania who evidently has the blessing of the town “leaders” to pump rounds of ammo into Nancy Pelosi’s face (Sorry—it is a picture on a target that is some sort of clown with a hammer that this nimrod calls Nancy Pelosi).  He proceeds to show more than a little animus towards “libtards” in his gosh- darn, adorable little drawl:

“Fuck all you libtards out there … yous take it in the ass…I don’t give a fuck what you say, so you can all go fuck yourselves. Period.”

Oh brother, now that hurt. I may have to crawl up into the fetal position for a bit.

He is also the defacto organizer of some sort of loser cult that is going to “protect” the Constitution, because Lord knows, I go to sleep at night feeling soooo much better knowing that men like Kessler have graduated from playing “mine’s bigger than yours” in their mommy’s woodshed to defending my sorry ass from those who would destroy the very essence of our republic.

Plus folks, he’s on the school board.

Oh, and he was shot with his own gun in the hand during a bar fight in Pennsyltucky when he tried to “break-up”  the fight after downing a few.


Hell, he makes Ted Nugent look downright stable.

Look, people with all of their marbles still intact see this dude for what he is–an idiot. He is the only cop in some jerkwater burg where the only real fun they have is cussing out “libtards” and jacking a few into a target on a Saturday night so they can feel all “tough“ and “manly.” I get it. No harm, no foul right?

But what I’m observing which is probably more disturbing than old Skeeter having a melt-down on Youtube is the acquiescence of a certain segment of the population to this type of over the top and dangerous rhetoric, and moreover, their implicit and sometimes complicit, sanctioning of it.

Somehow, this dolt is some sort of “patriot”, because, evidently anytime you form a posse based on your paranoid and uneducated views of what the Constitution enumerates and why, and if you are somehow now the ultimate arbiter of how the government is or is not enforcing it, and hold utter disgust and blind hatred for the citizens who placed their votes for representatives to uphold said document, you are now in the Tea Party era, a true “patriot.”

Chew tobacco…chew tobacco…chew tobacco…SPIT!

Sorry friends. Mark Kessler is no patriot because he has the Constitutional right to carry a gun around and pretends to shoot our elected leaders in the face because he dislikes them.

Mark Kessler is no patriot because as a public servant, his job is to make sure he dispenses justice in a dispassionate, fair, and impartial manner to ALL citizens. His words and actions call that ability into question.

One can only wonder what he would do if someone drove through HIS town with an I Love Obama sticker plastered to their bumper. Maybe he’d let you pass…or maybe he wouldn’t…

And that is what’s wrong today.


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